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Dear parents, do not miss it this ChristmasMarty Duren
I remember Christmases as a kid. I always paid close attention to how fast or slowly the day passed, wanting it to last a long, long time. The next day, I’d think, “It’s still just one day after Christmas,” the next, “It’s just two days after Christmas.” I wasn’t aware of the Twelve Days of Christmas outside the song; it was more wanting the feeling of Christmastime to last. Peace on Earth, goodwill toward men.

Then came the new year, back to school, and the feelings of Christmastime, peace, and goodwill were soon forgotten.

When our kids came along, the feelings returned for different, but significant, reasons…”

This is a nice little piece on C.S. Lewis in Canada’s The National Post…

How C.S. Lewis made Christianity seem like common sense
Robert Fulford
Author C.S. Lewis
“His tone is a key to the success: It’s outspoken, often blunt, and clearly directed to those who possess little or no religious knowledge. It deploys his great talents as storyteller and arguer, always in a way that makes Christianity seem a common sense solution to the world’s most basic questions.”

Here is a sobering Christmas Eve exhortation in the Washington Post by Marco Rubio and Russell Moore…

This Christmas, we must remember slaughtered Christians in the Middle East -Marco Rubio & Russell Moore
“We’ve all watched the news with horror in recent years as the Islamic State and other jihadist groups have led a ruthless religious cleansing campaign. Their tactics are to bomb churches or convert them to mosques, to violently drive Christians and other minorities from their homes, force conversions to Islam, or require compliance with Islamic apostasy and blasphemy codes. Such violent persecutions come not only from non-state terrorist organizations, but also from repressive governments the world over.

Despite all of this, we find far too little attention paid to the plight of these Christian communities in peril. Reports suggest that the State Department is ready to designate the Islamic State’s terror against the Yazidis as genocide, which it clearly is, but they might not to do so for equally embattled Christian communities. This is only one part of a refusal to come to grips with the full weight of these facts.”

Thanks to my “niece-in-law” for this…

An Altar CallMary Graham
an altar call
“Did you know that this whole holiday, this whole Jesus-coming-to-Earth thing was for you?

No, really, YOU…Merry Christmas, you.”

You’d better watch out…
Source: Randy Glasbergen


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