My Picks for Thursday 1-28-2016

Just some stuff I found helpful, challenging, interesting, or amusing…

Magnify the Lord WITH MEJamie Brown
1“The more complicated job of a worship leader is to convince everyone else on the platform with him or her that they are also worship leaders. When the members of a choir, and the band, and the pastors, and the technical team all see themselves as worship leaders, and demonstrate a heart like David’s, then a congregation finds itself increasingly drawn in to exalt the greatness of God.”

Colton Dixon and the “Craziness” of Saving Sex for Marriage
Trevin Wax
colton-dixon-annie-coggeshall-wedding-6“As Christians, we should get used to being labeled “freaks” and “morons” and “silly” for our views on sexuality. The idea that sex outside of marriage is sinful draws cultural scorn.

The temptation for the Church is to fire back, to condemn the world and run down a list of biblical “do’s” and “don’ts.” Instead, if we are to be effective missionaries in this culture, we should try to show why God’s design is not only right, but also beautiful.”

You might find this helpful…

How to rid your Facebook feed of all those terrible viral news storiesKabir Chibber
“A couple of years ago, you may have liked the Facebook pages of some cool new digital media outlets, and maybe even a few older traditional ones too. You started to see a few stories sprinkled in your feed, and they added something to your life. You liked, clicked, and shared them with your friends. All was right with the world.

Then, the volume of posts increased. And they all started to look the same

Here’s how to take more control of your Facebook feed from the viral-content machine.”

Our Prayer Instincts Are BackwardsAndrew Wilson
Our Prayer Instincts Are Backwards“Left to our own devices, we pray the Lord’s Prayer backwards. Without being taught, we say help, then sorry, then please do X for me, and then please do Y for others…

Yet Jesus taught us to pray it forwards. The topsy-turvy order of the Lord’s Prayer is one reason it is so remarkable.”

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