My Weekend Picks for 1-29-2016

Just some stuff I found helpful, challenging, interesting, or amusing…

Kill Your (Celebrity Culture) WorshipMike Cosper
“…rather than focus on musical styles—which are always the topic of debates, trends, and preferences (just read J. S. Bach’s letters)—I think we should zero in more closely on the trouble with celebrity culture. Celebrity culture turns pastors and worship leaders into icons. Celebrity culture turns worship gatherings into rock concerts. Celebrity culture confuses flash and hype for substance.”

I’m sharing this because it’s really, really good and challenging…
…not just because Mary and I are related…

What in the world are You doing?Mary Graham
what in the world
“So much of what I’ve always thought about Jesus was because I was an American following Jesus. I’m a white, middle class, educated, Jesus follower. Those are some hard obstacles to overcome when I’m looking at what real wealth in Jesus is. Those are some huge barricades to get past when I live in a culture all about encouraging me to reward myself for my hard work, my “busy” life, and my growing bank account.

Believing those lies makes the Gospel inaccessible for millions and millions of people.”

Why It Never Helps to Pass the BuckMichael Hyatt
A_Seal_Team_is_coming_out_of_water“I once had a boss who with the reputation of being very harsh. He could be hard on people. But that wasn’t my experience. Why? I knew the secret.

My boss was definitely tough. On a few different occasions I saw him chew a person’s face off. But here’s why: He hated it when someone tried to shift blame for an outcome, especially someone in leadership.

One of the most important marks of an effective leader—a leader that other leaders can trust—is the willingness to accept total responsibility for the outcome.

I came to my boss several times with major problems—million-dollar problems. But I owned it. Instead of blasting me, he leant support, patience, and advice.”

Lazy Susan…
Click image for a larger version. Source: Pearls Before Swine

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