My Picks for Monday 2-8-2016

This is the stuff I found helpful, challenging, interesting, or amusing today that I think may enrich your day as well…

Are Our Worship Experiences Missing The Point?
David Santistevan
Are Our
“To me, the word “experience” doesn’t do justice to our gatherings.

When I think of experience, I think of my family’s recent trip to Disney World. Man, that was an experience…

I’ll remember Disney. It was a unique family memory. But nothing about that experience will prepare me to live for Jesus and speak of Jesus and magnify Jesus in a dark world.

And that is what I feel our worship “experiences” are truly for. We gather not to have a memorable experience. We gather to be changed.”

Of note…

Wheaton, Larycia Hawkins agree to part waysLeigh Jones
Larycia Hawkins“Wheaton College and Larycia Hawkins, the political science professor who started a furor over theology and academic freedom after declaring on social media that Christians and Muslims serve the same God, announced tonight they are amicably parting ways.”

With a follow-up, except this one goes beyond this specific event and has good stuff to say about the nature of apologizing and forgiving…

A Conclusion and a BeginningAlan Jacobs
“What if, when a brother in Christ apologizes and asks for forgiveness, one were to grant that forgiveness — instead of immediately criticizing him for not having provided a fully adequate account of the reasons he went astray? What about that as a strategy? It has some advantages…”

Seth has a way of saying a lot in a few words…

Audience ParticipationSeth Godin
“The way we engage with the humans who make stuff directly influences what we receive.

Arms folded with a scowl on our face and skepticism on our minds… we get what we deserve.

It’s up to us. Just about everything is ultimately a singalong.”

You are what you read…
Source: Bizarro


2 thoughts on “My Picks for Monday 2-8-2016”

  1. I think some churches/leaders really struggle with the production part of worship. Many leaders think this is what “the people” want and yes, congregants may be expecting a different level of “excellence” that maybe they weren’t 20 years ago. If we’re so focused on production, we are no different than a concert…and that is not equipting folks for the Monday-Saturday he discussed and will also (I believe) lead to more church shopping than planting roots in a community. Good read! And I’m always a big fan of what Seth says!

    1. I agree. “Production” is truly important in today’s world in terms of making a positive impression. What does it say about a group of people if they don’t care at all about doing their best? But production is certainly not what keeps people. Only an authentic community of faith can do that. Oh, and I agree about Seth!

      Thanks for reading, Heidi!

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