My Weekend Picks for 2-12-2016

This is the stuff I found helpful, challenging, interesting, or amusing today that I think may enrich your day as well…

The Creepy, Mysterious, & Interesting History of Valentine’s DayJustin Holcomb
The Creepy, Mysterious, & Interesting History of Valentine’s Day

“Love it or hate it, Valentine’s Day is a major staple of American culture. Few know much about its history, however…

Christians have always had to struggle with the tension between accommodating, resisting, or transforming the practices of the culture around them. Whereas a holiday like Halloween is still quite contentious among some Christians because of its history and the pagan symbolism tied up with its contemporary practice, Valentine’s Day today is almost completely disconnected from its pagan origins and has evolved into a completely different holiday. ”

I’ve always appreciated the Indianapolis Children’s Museum, and I think this sounds like a great idea…

Teaching about religion in a children’s museumKim Lawton
Kids visit the Sacred Journey's Exhibit. Photo courtesy of Religion & Ethics Newsweekly“The Children’s Museum of Indianapolis, the largest children’s museum in the world, may be a place for fun, but it has also addressed difficult subjects, including the Holocaust, segregation and AIDS. For the past few months, the museum has taken on yet another potentially controversial subject: world religions.

“We went into this expecting the worst might happen … and what we’ve experienced in many ways is the best,” Carron said.

“We wanted children to not only understand what they learn in Sunday school, but also know why the girl down the block dresses the way she does, why that boy in school was off for the holiday he was off for,” Carron said. “What people believe and how they practice what they believe influences what people do all over the world, and it influences the people in your neighborhood.”

Carron said the museum wanted “to talk about religion without telling people what they should believe or even that they should believe.”

Wisdom here from Francis Schaeffer…

FS“Anything that an individual Christian or Christian group does that fails to show the simultaneous balance of the holiness of God and the love of God presents to a watching world not a demonstration of the God who exists but a caricature of the God who exists.”

7 of the Biggest Misunderstandings Millennials have about My Baby Boomer GenerationRon Edmondson
Two People Having A Conversation“I get to spend a lot of time with Millennials in my work as a pastor. I have two sons who are Millennials. Frankly, I love the generation.

What is interesting to me when I talk to Millennials is some of the misunderstandings they have about my generation – specifically how my generation views their generation.

Recently a young Millennial asked for some of my time to talk through where he felt God was leading him. He was so apologetic for “taking my time”. What he didn’t understand was how much his conversation fueled me for everything else I had to do that day. I loved it. I’ve had similar experiences many times.

The encounter caused me to reflect on other misunderstandings I’ve observed from Millennials about my generation.”

Donald Trump goes to church and doesn’t like the message…

Donald Trump and a Tale of Two GospelsRachel Held Evans
Jesus de Laferrere from Flickr via Wylio“As it turns out, the kind of people Donald Trump and the Religious Right deem acceptable collateral damage in their quest for power—the poor, the oppressed, the marginalized, the hated minorities—are the very people Jesus prioritized. His life and ministry started with them and his kingdom will ultimately be realized through them. The gospel isn’t about protecting power and privilege, but rather about surrendering them until God’s vision of justice is fulfilled….

But contrary to Trump’s prevailing worldview, this event had not in fact been orchestrated around him. The man had simply stepped into a big ole’ pile of actual gospel and immediately realized it contradicted everything he stands for.”
Source: Wrong Hands

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