My Weekend Picks for 2-26-2016

This is the stuff I found helpful, challenging, interesting, or amusing today that I think may enrich your day as well...

Some helpful advice for a common parental issue…

Do Christian Parents Flirt with the Idol of Sports?Todd Hill
“My wife and I are wading through the murky waters of youth sports with our kids as well. They play for travel soccer teams, which keeps us busy each weekend for about two-thirds of the year. We have two children, but numerous sports-overwhelmed families have more.

There’s an idolatry problem in our community related to youth sports. I see this problem every weekend as families gather at the field rather than their church. It’s a problem in my heart, too.

I feel deep tension as we walk through this season of family life. Jesus makes it clear we cannot serve two masters (Matt. 6:24). And the taskmaster of sports success always demands my attention.

Here are some guiding principles to help navigate the sports scene…”

I’m really curious as to how this case plays out. I think it could become a defining case for what our future looks like…

The Apple Case Will Grope Its Way Into Your Future
Farhad Manjoo
“From a historical perspective, we’re entering into a very new era,” said Jennifer Granick, director of civil liberties at the Stanford Center for Internet and Society. Not long ago, we were living in a world in which surveillance was difficult. “In the past, you and I would have a conversation in person. No record would be made; nobody would have access to it. I wrote things on paper; I burned them in my fireplace. They were gone forever.”

But in the absence of technical and legal protections, technology is upturning those presumptions.

“Now we have a surveillance-enabled world,” Ms. Granick said. “It’s cheap, and it’s easy. The question that society has to ask is, Is that what we really want?”

It’s a hard decision that requires a lot of honest self-evaluation, but it’s the best way to go for everyone involved…

My Advice to Leaders: Leave Before You Have To Leave
Ron Edmondson
Exit Staring“Here’s some advice I’ve learned watching people in organizations over the years. I’ve seen it in government, business, and, sadly, far too often in the church.

Some people stay too long.

Does this sound cruel? I don’t mean it to, but they do. They stay beyond their welcome. Beyond their usefulness. Beyond their ability to make a positive impact.

So, I have some advice.

Leave before you have to leave.”

As usual, Trevin Wax hits on the issue underneath the issue…

Can We “Agree To Disagree” On Sexuality and Marriage?
Trevin Wax
“The biggest issue confronting evangelicalism today is not over homosexuality and marriage, but whether or not these are “agree-to-disagree” issues…
rainbow-church…Today, one of the common complaints from the progressive side is that evangelicals are always “drawing lines” and “making distinctions” and “policing boundaries” and declaring “who’s in and who’s out.” One wonders what they’d say about the apostles, whose concern about boundaries stands out in so many of their letters, right in line with Jesus’ frequent warnings against false teachers.

Like Jesus, the New Testament writers made constant appeals to unity, but they also drew bold, dark lines regarding what constituted genuine Christian teaching. Flip through any of the letters of Paul, Peter, Jude, and John, and you can’t help but notice the contrast between sound doctrine and error, unity and schism, what constitutes true teaching versus false.”

Another valuable gem from Seth Godin…

Worth Thinking AboutSeth Godin
“That’s one of the most important lists you can have. The list of things worth thinking about.

We live in the age of information surplus, when there are answers and shortcuts and highlights and notes and summaries for everything. But not nearly enough time to even be aware of them.

The key question isn’t, “what’s the answer?”

The key question is, “what’s the question?”

Source: Off the Mark

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