My Picks for Wednesday 3-16-2016

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Unreasonable revulsion of our rivalsBarnabas Piper
Red Sox fans at Fenway Park in Boston.“My point is not to question anyone’s affiliation to a team or party (except the Yankees—I question loyalty to the Yankees). Rather, it’s worth noting the absurdity of how political rivalry resembles the shenanigans that go on at Cameron Indoor Stadium or Fenway Park. It’s one thing to revert to slobbering and snarling over a game; it’s another thing entirely to do so over the direction and future of our country…

…Can we find a way to be diametrically opposed and still maintain respect and dignity for our opponents? In sports, this is a matter of perspective, putting the person above the game, but can we do it as easily in politics? Can we put a person above their stance on tax reform or gay marriage or abortion? Can we treat them with dignity regardless?

Most importantly, do we define ourselves by that to which we’re loyal? Do we find our identity in it? Is our hope and happiness wrapped in the color we wear? If it is, we have misplaced the most important things. As followers of Jesus Christ, He is where our identity and hope lies, and in finding them there we will also find civility and respect for our rivals.”

In case you care…

Mark Driscoll to launch new church on Easter Sunday
Emily McFarlan Miller
Mark Driscoll was an influential but edgy pastor within conservative evangelical circles for several years. Photo courtesy of Mars Hill Church“The website described the gathering as a “modest open house and prayer meeting” where Driscoll will share the vision for the church as it begins putting together its launch team.

“We know that God has gone before us, preparing an opportunity to minister. This building provides a wonderful opportunity for our mission,” it said.”


Worship Leader, Are You Believable?David Santistevan
WORSHIP LEADERARE YOUBELIEVABLE-“Of course, there’s no quick fix for believability. There’s not a 10 step program. There’s not a book you can read. I wish there were a single podcast that had all the answers.

Believability is your voice after you’ve gone through the fire.

Believability is your song when you’ve lived every lyric.

Believability is when you’ve stopped being impressed with yourself.

Believability is when you’re shining a light on others.

Believability is living for a greater Kingdom than your own.

Have you considered this perspective?

The Shocking/Sobering Reason There Are No Trump Supporters on Your Facebook FeedJohn Dyer
trump-being-trump“…the shocking and sobering reality of Trump’s rise is that it exposes how utterly cut off most of us are from an entire class of people in need. People in need of compassion and grace, not condescension and more anger…

…We tend to see only what we want to see, and social media is very good and showing us what we want to see.

The media we consume is so good at regurgitating the story we want hear, that an entire nation has been caught off guard by the presence of a class of people so desperate for change that they would support anyone – literally anyone – who will listen…

…don’t [be distracted] from the strange truth that from July 2015 to March 2016, many, many people thought Trump didn’t have a chance, and they thought this because they (including me) weren’t aware of the feelings of a massive group of hurting people. And our media echoed that back to us so strongly that for a time we believed they didn’t exist.”

Generational differences…
Click image for a larger version. Source: Pearls Before Swine


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