My Picks for Monday 3-21-2016

This is the stuff I found helpful, challenging, interesting, or amusing today that I think may enrich your day as well...

Just look at our presidential candidates for vivid examples of what Michael Hyatt is talking about…

One Major Missing Ingredient in Leadership Today
Michael Hyatt
Leadership concept illuctration showing a red paper plane leading a group of white planes. Vector format available.
“In the passages immediately before and after, Paul talks about leadership and working together. Talking about love seems like a strange detour, right? It’s not.

“1 Corinthians 13 is primarily a chapter on how to lead,” says Noble. “Paul is continuing his discussion about leadership here, and when he says going to show you the most excellent way, I believe he’s saying, ‘I will show you the most excellent way to lead.’”

I think Seth may be getting at the same idea from a little different angle, and with more brevity…

CoercionSeth Godin
“Coercion can make change happen (in the short run). Coercion can look like leadership. But it doesn’t scale and it doesn’t last, because ultimately, it burns down the very institution it sought to change by mob force…

Real change happens because of enrollment, because it invites people in, it doesn’t use fear. Real leadership patiently changes the culture, engaging people in shared effort. It’s more difficult, but it’s change we can live with.”

Speaking of a lack of love in leadership…

Actually, Most Evangelicals Don’t Vote Trump
Darren Patrick Guerra
Actually, Most Evangelicals Don’t Vote Trump
“Jacksonians are largely highly nationalistic blue collar voters who despise Wall Street bankers and Washington elites. There is a long historical precedent for Jacksonian voters periodically rising up in anger and disrupting the political equilibrium, as was seen with Andrew Jackson himself, William Jennings Bryan, and to a lesser extent, Ross Perot. Most of the exit poll data suggests that evangelicals, per se, are not driving Trump’s success; Jacksonians are.

What confuses the media is that Jacksonians also happen to live in blue collar southern and midwestern communities where nominal evangelicals are more likely to also reside. It is highly likely that many evangelical Trump voters are Jacksonians first and foremost and only adopt the evangelical label as an afterthought. Their evangelical label is likely then a vague cultural affiliation rather than an indicator of deeply held religious beliefs and behaviors.”

On a completely different topic, I think this looks like it could be an extremely helpful book…

An Interview with the author of: How To Be an Atheist
Justin Taylor
“If you are a believer, I urge you to get this book, encourage friends to get it, and form a study group in which you can work through the material slowly and thoughtfully. I promise you, it is well worth the effort. I meet many Christians who wish they could go back to graduate school and get an education relevant to their Christianity, but finances and other commitments present insurmountable obstacles to this move. Well, there is a second alternative: read books like this one and you will get an education.

If you are an atheist who is intellectually open to investigating some of the problems in your worldview, this is the book for you. It has an irenic tone and deals fairly and proportionately with its subject matter.”

A graphic, and strangely humorous, illustration of the discomfort of air travel…

Why flying is awful, explained using your sad, lonely apartmentChristopher Ingraham
“So let’s return to that ubiquitous Boeing 737-700. It fits 143 people into 914 square feet of cabin space, or about 156 people for every 1,000 square feet. Let’s put all those people into your apartment.
This is not fun. It’s probably a violation of several building codes. There is literally no room to move, and that’s assuming that you’ve already taken all the furniture out of your apartment. The cat is probably freaked. Out.”

 And, in keeping with the air travel theme…
Source: Bizarro


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