My Weekend Picks for 4-29-2016

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This is the stuff I found helpful, challenging, interesting, or amusing today that I think may enrich your day as well...

Guess what: It even happens to worship leaders…

What to Do when You Don’t Feel Like Worshiping This WeekendChuck Lawless
Don't Feel Like Worshipping
“It happens. Even believers struggle sometimes with worshiping. Life gets hard. Problems get in the way. We go to church, but leave our heart at home. What should you do if you expect to find worship hard this weekend?”

I think I’m acquainted with quite a few “Bad News” types…

Governed by Bad News or Good News?David Prince
good news
“If the people you work with, and live with, look at you and conclude that you think that it is a terrible time to be a Christian in America, you are on the wrong track. We must not be apostles of bad news. It is an excellent time to be a Christian in America right now. Look around! The world is full of Gospel opportunity! When your emotions tell you it’s a bad time to be a Christian in America, repudiate your emotions. They are wrong…

…Like Paul, we must make a radical commitment to be governed by Gospel truth, rather than our emotions, or the bad news on the 24-hour news shows. If bad news becomes our most prevalent reality, then our emotions will enslave us. But Gospel truth will always set us free. Paul is moved by the bad news he saw, but he was not governed by it. We know this because no matter the circumstance, Paul did not stop expectantly and passionately proclaiming the Gospel. If we would have our lives defined by good news, we must do the same. For the Christian, bad news is the shadow and Good News is the eternal reality.”

Interesting analysis. Interesting that it appeared in Vox…

The smug style in American liberalismEmmett Rensin“Suffice it to say, by the 1990s the better part of the working class wanted nothing to do with the word liberal. What remained of the American progressive elite was left to puzzle: What happened to our coalition?

Why did they abandon us?

What’s the matter with Kansas?

The smug style arose to answer these questions. It provided an answer so simple and so emotionally satisfying that its success was perhaps inevitable…

…The trouble is that stupid hicks don’t know what’s good for them. They’re getting conned by right-wingers and tent revivalists until they believe all the lies that’ve made them so wrong. They don’t know any better. That’s why they’re voting against their own self-interest….

…Finding comfort in the notion that their former allies were disdainful, hapless rubes, smug liberals created a culture animated by that contempt. The rubes noticed and replied in kind. The result is a self-fulfilling prophecy.

Financial incentive compounded this tendency — there is money, after all, in reassuring the bitter. Over 20 years, an industry arose to cater to the smug style. It began in humor, and culminated for a time in The Daily Show, a program that more than any other thing advanced the idea that liberal orthodoxy was a kind of educated savvy and that its opponents were, before anything else, stupid. The smug liberal found relief in ridiculing them.”

Seth is short and to the point, as usual…

Transformation tourismSeth Godin
“I bought the diet book, but ate my usual foods.”

“I filled the prescription, but didn’t take the meds.”

“I took the course… well, I watched the videos… but I didn’t do the exercises in writing.”

Merely looking at something almost never causes change. Tourism is fun, but rarely transformative.

If it was easy, you would have already achieved the change you seek.

Change comes from new habits, from acting as if, from experiencing the inevitable discomfort of becoming.”

Thanks for this good reminder, Trevin…

3 Reasons You Should See Going to Church as a Privilege,
Not a Chore
Trevin Wax
church-768613_960_720“If you think of attending a worship service as merely a duty or an obligation that you are bound to fulfill, then you are speaking of worship as if it were a chore. Regular church attendance may feel like that at times, just as a daily “work out” sometimes does. But we’re off base if we regularly conceive of our weekly efforts to “meet together” and to “stir one another to love and good works” as merely an obligation….

…We are not lonely pilgrims on individual journeys to glory; we are a community of faith, marching forward as exiles in this world, beloved by God and beloved by each other. It is a privilege to be part of each other’s lives, to cheer one another on in the faith, to chasten and chide with holy reverence when needed, and to love one another as Christ has loved us.”
Source: Wrong Hands

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