Like Children

Asher, age 4 -2014
Iris, age 4 – 2011

“Truly, I say to you,
unless you turn
and become like children,
you will never enter
the kingdom of heaven.”


I guess the worst thing about growing up is that fun and amazement drift into sporadic entertainment and forced, ritualized behavior. The glow of vocation slips into the monotony of procedure. The exhaustion that comes from playing too hard becomes more effort than it is worth. Comfort is more yearned for than the experience of reading or talking away the night. Joy becomes a matter of observing and reflecting on the almost grotesquely carefree child.

Christ spoke several times of children and of his attraction to them. He thought we needed to be like them, in some ways.

I pray I never mistake atrophy of imagination for maturity. I pray that I never approach Christ so solemnly and so full of the cynicism of years and doubts that I find him distracted while I whine to him.

I pray I never see his eyes wander from me as he searches for a child lost in play.


Number thirty-four in God Is No Fool by Lois Cheney

(I’ve always loved this little book since I first discovered it while I was in college. Click the image for purchase info.)

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