My Picks for Tuesday 5-31-2016

Picks Tuesday

This is the stuff I found helpful, challenging, interesting, or amusing today that I think may enrich your day as well...

Learning to Play the RestsManuel Luz
“One of the concepts that music students naturally have a hard time with is the rest… Unless a musician knows how to “play” the rests, a song will implode into cacophony. You see, music is defined as much by what notes you don’t play as what you do play. And when you play or not play them as well. And there is a lesson to be learned in this metaphor….

…As we enter into this summer, I encourage all of you—especially artists of faith—to play the rests. To set your life not to your own tempo, but to the tempo of the music that God is playing in your life. May we learn to both play and be still, to acknowledge both the sound and the silence, the notes and the rests.”

My Son Taught Me About Privilege YesterdayAmy Medina
“How many other young boys and girls are out there, DNA brimming with Olympic athleticism, or Ivy-League intelligence, or musical genius?  Yet they’ll never have a real soccer ball, or a classroom with less than 100 students in it, or a piano to practice.

And it hit me that one of the (many) privileges of being wealthy is the ability to see my children find their potential.  And have a shot at reaching it.  
It makes me wonder how many millions of those in poverty are ignored, oppressed, or spat upon, when all they really need is a chance.  Or how often I have taken advantage of my wealth and opportunity and forgotten what a what a huge privilege my life really is.
I’ve resolved not to forget.  Or waste it.”

This piece kind of got to me. Death is indeed the enemy.
I hate it…

When I Decided to Burn My SuitSteve Cuss
“I’ve worn the suit on a few other occasions: our dear friend’s brave mother passing away after a difficult, fierce life. The troubled husband of a strong woman who loved him to the very IMG_1196end, a baby killed in utero when her mother was struck by a car. As we lowered the tiny casket into the ground, I felt that pang in the gut and yearned for the day when people no longer gather around a casket sooner than they ever imagined and ask “why?”

And that is when I decided: it is time to burn this damned suit.  It is too tainted with pain.”

Go to the link for his elaborations…
4 Things Spiritual Growth Is NotMichael Kelley
“But what is spiritual growth? Much ink (some of it mine) trying to qualify and quantify what spiritual growth is, what it looks like, and how we help each other in that effort. Part of the reason for all that ink is because though all spiritual growth has some things in common, people progress at a different rate and in different seasons and, sometimes, through different methods. So what if we looked at it from the opposite perspective? Maybe knowing what spiritual growth is NOT can help us avoid some of the tendencies that can eventually stunt that growth.

Here, then are four things that spiritual growth is NOT.

1. Spiritual growth is not passive.
2. Spiritual growth is not educational.
3. Spiritual growth is not isolated.
4. Spiritual growth is not complicated.”

Source: Off the Mark

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