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This is some stuff I found helpful, challenging, interesting, or amusing today that I think may enrich your day as well...

I’ve been asking myself this question recently…

What If God Doesn’t Want To Make America Great Again?
Chris Cilmore
I’m not anti-American. I’m not an anarchist. I plan to vote in the coming election. I’m just not going to assume that God’s deepest desire for us is something as fleeting as prosperity or political freedom. I’m not convinced God is hoping we elect the proper candidate so he can finally get to work in our country…

…Not when the majority of our Scriptures were written to or about people with no freedom, no security, and no wealth. People who often neglected their faith whenever they had actually attained those very things.

And not when many of us are willing to ignore the teachings of Christ in order to make a nation great. If I can’t make America great by living the way of Christ, then I want no part in that greatness. And I don’t think God does either.

I turn 63 in a few weeks, but here are some things I won’t do…

Five Things I Pray I Will Not Do as a Senior Adult in the ChurchThom Rainer
Five-Things-I-Pray-I-Will-Not-Do-as-a-Senior-Adult-in-the-ChurchI am a senior adult.

Have I noticed any differences in my life at this age? Certainly…

…And I have to admit I view church life differently. In fact, I sometimes scare myself with my rigid attitude. I need to write these words quickly lest I become too comfortable or too complacent.

I have five specific prayers. They are for me. They are for my attitude about my church. They are reminders I will need to review constantly…

Are You A Complainer or A Fixer?Margaret Bronson
Instead of complaining and whining about why someone else isn’t doing the thing that you care about, take your passion about that issue as an opportunity to act.

You see, whenever we say, “The church should” or, “Why isn’t the church…” we are mistaking the church for the organization, the building, or the staff. “The church ought to provide a mom’s Bible study!” someone might say. What they are really saying: someone on staff ought to make this happen.

Reality: the church is not the pastors. It’s not the organization and staff. It’s not the building. It’s you. You are the church. … When you say “The church ought to…” what you should really be saying is, “I ought to see if there is a way to meet the need that I see.”

I’m not really comfortable with the use of the word “persecution” here, but I think this is a fairly reasonable look at what’s ahead…

Looking Ahead to the Likelihood of Increased Persecution in AmericaRandy Alcorn
God will use persecution, as He always has, to thereby strengthen His church and extend the Gospel message, not destroy it. Persecution in America will probably never be as extreme as it has been in countless places throughout church history and as it is around the world today…

…For the sake of the free proclamation of the Gospel and the continuance of the rights of belief and practice for churches and others, it’s good that some Christian organizations will continue to defend these rights in courts and elsewhere. The rights believers have today were won at great cost in previous generations, and it is irresponsible and unloving to passively look the other way to the detriment of future generations of Christ-followers, including our children and grandchildren. They are in danger of losing their legal rights to live and proclaim and assemble for the Gospel if we fail to speak up and do something to hold on to our rights that people shed blood to procure and defend.

But please, let’s stop portraying ourselves, who have lived most of our lives in unheard of religious liberty, as a whiny special interest group throwing a tantrum. Let’s happily draw attention to Jesus and the right to believe, teach, celebrate, and bring His Good News to all who will listen.

Immigration disclaimer…

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