Thursday Picks ~ 8-11-2016

Picks Thursday

This is some stuff I found helpful, challenging, interesting, or amusing today that I think may enrich your day as well...

Is worship leading a performance? Let’s just say that it’s important enough that you can’t afford to not do your best…

Why Your Stage Presence MattersDavid Santistevan
WHY YOURStage presence. It’s a conversation that excites some and infuriates others.

Some pay attention to it, others don’t seem to care.

Truth is, you can’t afford to ignore it…

…People engage in activities they feel comfortable with. They need to trust the leader. Without this trust, there is hesitation. Why do fans go crazy at an arena rock show? They trust the band. They know the songs. They feel comfortable losing themselves in the moment. This is what keeps a lot of teams from seeing the full potential of their worship services. They are timid, shy, held back, & nervous. Nerves beget nerves. Timidity begets timidity. But when a team is engaging and confident, a congregation is engaging and confident.

Maybe it’s because I’ve been thinking about my dad a lot lately, but I loved this short post about Ray Ortlund’s father…

Daily slogging in the power of the SpiritRay Ortlund
These pages record, one by one, over 1800 sermons preached during [my father’s] ministry at Lake Avenue Congregational Church alone, and by no means a complete record even during those years.

How many hours of preparation and prayer and study are represented by this simple but eloquent written record, I wonder?

…I am not impressed by young pastors who seem too eager to publish books and speak at big events and build “a platform.”  They are doing the work of the Lord, which is good.  But I’m not impressed.  What impresses me is my dad’s daily slogging, year after year, in the power of the Spirit, with no big-deal-ness as the goal or the payoff.

This is the pastoral ministry that brings Jesus into the world today.

Please people, take 5 minutes and Google that outrageous tidbit before you become complicit in spreading a lie…

Why We’re So Easily Duped (and what to do about it)
Brian Jennings
duped imageRumors and lies aren’t a new thing, but 2000 years ago the Jewish leaders didn’t have social media to spread their rumor: “Disciples steal Jesus’ body from tomb.” They would’ve loved the technology to mass-produce their concocted tale.

We must come back to our question: “Why are people so easily duped?” Why would masses of people retweet or share hurtful, dangerous, incendiary lies? Here’s some possibilities…

…You know what really irks me? It’s when I become one of the duped. Please help me when I am. Let’s do better, friends. Friends is what we are, right?

I had no idea that Stradivari also made guitars…

This is what the last surviving Stradivarius guitar sounds like today
Daniel Ross
last stradivarius guitarStradivari was more famous for his violins, but he also made various other instruments like this guitar. There are, technically, five Stradivarius guitars remaining in the world, but the Sabionari is the only one that’s still playable.

The guitar, known as the Sabionari, dates from 1679 and was made by the world’s most famous instrument maker, Antonio Stradivari.

Here, Rolf Lislevand plays a gorgeous Tarentela written by Santiago de Murcia…

Communications majors at Trump U…

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