Tuesday Picks ~ 9-20-2016

Picks Tuesday

This is some stuff I found helpful, challenging, interesting, or amusing today that I think may enrich your day as well...

The post-reality paradoxSeth Godin
When Hillary Clinton lies, her standing decreases. But when Donald Trump lies, it actually helps his standing among his followers. That’s because he’s not selling reality, he’s selling something else. It’s confusing to outsiders, because he’s not working on the same axis as traditional candidates.

The hallmark of post-reality thinking is that it watches the speech with the sound turned off. The words don’t matter nearly as much as the intent, the emotion, the subtext. When we engage in this more primeval, emotional encounter, we are more concerned with how it looks and feels than we are in whether or not the words actually make sense.

A common misconception…

Leadership Is Not For The PrivilegedDanny Franks
“Leadership is not for the privileged, it’s for the servant.” You can’t buy your way into authority, but you can serve your way there.

Beware the leader who wants to hold a title before they hold a towel.

This is a link to a podcast. I haven’t listened to it yet, but I think the highlights look really good…

Worship Leading Relationship between the Pastor and Music LeaderThom Rainer/Mike Harland

A couple of highlights:

  • “What happens on Sunday morning isn’t two things (music and preaching)—it’s one thing (worship).”
  • “Worship is not a performance ministry. It’s a discipleship ministry.”

Good reminder of the graciousness of our God…

Jesus Won’t Let It Be Awkward Between YouMichael Kelley
…today, I will wrong Jesus, and so will you. Today, we will give Him reason to make it awkward between us, as He looks down His nose at us, waiting for us to grovel and apologize in just the right way. And even when it happens, to still hold out some measure of forgiveness from us. But Jesus won’t make it awkward. He won’t avert His eyes from our presence. In fact, He will come and seek us out. He will serve us. And then He will move forward in relationship.

I think I prefer “sitting-with-your-feet-propped-up” desks…


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