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Good question…

If We Are So Burdened then Why Aren’t the Prayer Meetings Full? Erik Raymond
LightstockMany pastors who don’t have a prayer meeting at their church will tell you that they don’t have one because people won’t come. Many others churches who have the meetings in the church have a much smaller attendance in these meetings than the regular Sunday gathering.

I often wonder why the church does not pray more. Why it is so hard for Christians to talk to God but so easy for us to discuss our complaints with others? Or to vent on social media?

Are we really as upset as we let on? Do we really believe that God will answer us and act? If the answers to the first two questions are “yes” then why don’t we pray more?

I appreciated this advice on writing…

How to Be a Writer: 10 Tips from Rebecca Solnit
But start small: write a good sentence, then a good paragraph, and don’t be dreaming about writing the great American novel or what you’ll wear at the awards ceremony because that’s not what writing’s about or how you get there from here. The road is made entirely out of words. Write a lot. Maybe at the outset you’ll be like a toddler—the terrible twos are partly about being frustrated because you’re smarter than your motor skills or your mouth, you want to color the picture, ask for the toy, and you’re bumbling, incoherent and no one gets it, but it’s not only time that gets the kid onward to more sophistication and skill, it’s effort and practice. Write bad stuff because the road to good writing is made out of words and not all of them are well-arranged words.

Don’t miss this fresh look at communion…

It’s Communion, Get PushyMary Graham
its-communionI need to be the one who jumps up out of my seat and rushes to be first in line. Not because I’m more important, but because I’m so low and missing the point and in need of Jesus I can’t even see straight.

You’re probably in the same boat as me and need him just as desperately because we’re human and messy and loud and broken and shouldn’t we be scrambling to the communion table each week? Shouldn’t we be crawling bloody and bruised and weepy to our Jesus who offers us grace and mercy and healing?

Because you know that even though all those people at my church have their Sunday best on, inside that’s what they look like. Because you know that’s what my insides look like. And I don’t say that to out anyone, I just say it because it’s true and real and the Bible tells us we’re all in this mess together and that’s why Jesus came. Plain and simple.

I’ve already been seeing the social media demonizing of Terence Crutcher (as if that makes it ok to kill him). But I think the folks at Get Religion raise some interesting questions here…

‘Respect the culture’ of family of black man shot dead by Tulsa police — but what culture?Bobby Ross, Jr.
Image result for tulsa press conference
I wonder: What exactly is meant by the term “culture” in that quote? Might it have something to do with the family’s religion?

That seems highly likely, particularly given a later quote in the story…

Perhaps I’ve missed a story along these lines, but I’d love more in-depth details on the family’s faith and its role in loved ones’ response to Terence Crutcher’s death. I can’t help but think that religion is a big part of the family’s “culture.”

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