Weekend Picks ~ 10-28-2016

Picks Weekend

This is some stuff I found helpful, challenging, interesting, or amusing today that I think may enrich your day as well...

The Impossibility of the Apolitical ChurchAndrew T. Walker
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I have to be very clear about something: The church that insists on calling itself “apolitical” or relegates “the gospel” to a message of pious sanctimony unbothered by earthly affairs has a tragic misunderstanding of what “politics” really is, and how the church’s very essence is fervently political in nature...

The declaration “Jesus is Lord” is the political constitution of the church. That declaration orders our life together, as that is what politics is chiefly about. It sets the parameters of our obedience and dictates how the goals of the Kingdom become our concern.

Lewis had things to say about politics, but he didn’t say this…

What Screwtape Actually Said About PoliticsAaron Earlsfake Screwtape Letters election 2016C.S. LewisLewis said lots of important, insightful things about politics, including in The Screwtape Letters. There’s no need to create fake quotes. And there definitely isn’t any reason to share them.

I haven’t listened to the podcast, but I thought the highlights listed were interesting and noteworthy…

Church Compensation Trends
Church compensation is always a hot topic of discussion, so on a recent trip through Nashville, William Vanderbloemen stopped in to discuss some new research and what he’s seeing right now in church search.

Christians in America have a lot to learn from Christians in other cultures…

How to Regain Cultural CapitalK.A. Ellis
How to Regain Cultural CapitalThough despised, biblical Christians in Muslim-majority cultures are often known for their compassion and care. Muslims, weary of the brutality of radical Islam, are turning to Christ in startling numbers, attracted by a community that has tangibly proven that the church is not an enemy but a friend. As a result, new communities grow even under hostility.

All this brings to light the potential power of such communities in America. Many believers have grown weary of a Christianity defined by abject loyalty to nation or politics; some would rather identify now as “Christians in America” than “American Christians.” They seek to reestablish their primary identity in Christ by shedding Western individualism and embracing genuine Christian community.

Which kind of filter do you use?

Two Kinds of FiltersSeth Godin
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There’s the filter bubble of the internet, in which we willingly surround ourselves only with information sources with which we agree, soon coming to the conclusion that everyone agrees with us.

The other kind is the filter we can choose to build to avoid falling into a rabbit hole of wasted time, misogyny and dissatisfaction. This is to avoid the endless clicking, the hateful comments, the mind-numbing noise of the net.

Here’s a hint: The first kind of filter is easy to build and satisfying in the short run. It’s reassuring to believe we’re right.

The second kind, the one that builds a foundation for us to do better work, is always under attack from within and without, and it’s tempting to stop using it. Tempting to give up, but ultimately worth the effort.

The easier the filter is to build, the less it’s worth.

Just in time for Halloween…
Wrong Hands – Click image for a larger view.

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