Thursday Picks ~ 11-10-2016

Picks Thursday

This is some stuff I found helpful, challenging, interesting, or amusing today that I think may enrich your day as well...

A Day’s HaikuTim Fall

Generosity Isn’t Just About MoneyMatt Rogers used to think of generosity primarily in terms of money. I was generous when I saw a need around me and provided the resources to help. Or, I might see generosity as a gift of time—I was generous when I gave time to meet a need. But, I’m not sure this is the full extent of the generosity God calls me to. In many ways this level of generosity is reactive in nature—I see a need around me and seek to do something to address it.

Generosity can also be proactive. In Philippians 2, Paul challenges the church to count others as more significant than yourself by not merely look to one’s own interests but also to the interests of others (2:3–4). Looking out for the interests of others extends far beyond giving money or time to someone in need.

It means that I consciously ask myself, “What could I do to promote the interest of someone else?”, “How can I make them better?”, “How can I serve as a conduit of God’s grace?”, “How can I give them an opportunity they might not otherwise have?” These questions demonstrate a truly generous heart.

Planning a vacation to Hopkinsville, Kentucky?
Better book early…

The Tiny Kentucky Town That Eclipse Fans Are Obsessing OverRobbie Clark
A postcard of Hopkinsville, Kentucky, from the 1950s.You could say the stars have aligned for Hopkinsville. Or, more precisely, the Earth, sun and moon will be perfected aligned. Next summer will be the first time a total solar eclipse—when the moon completely blocks out the sun—can be witnessed in the continental United States since 1979. (Viewers could view a total solar eclipse in Hawaii in 1991.) And in a cosmic twist of fate, on August 21, 2017, Hopkinsville will be the star around which the astronomical world orbits. As the moon crosses the United States at about 2,000 miles per hour, casting its shadow from Portland, Oregon, to Charleston, South Carolina, Hopkinsville (population 33,000) has been identified as the “greatest eclipse” location.

Do It AgainJim Tune
The hardest part of life, one preacher said, is that it’s so daily. Every day the bed needs to be made. Breakfast needs to be cooked. Dishes, dusting, work, and sleep demand our attention every single day.

The same with ministry…

We get tired, though. The thousandth time a husband wakes up beside his wife, he may start taking things for granted. The hundredth time a children’s ministry volunteer teaches rambunctious four-year-old boys, she may wonder if it’s worth it.

It is. Do it again.

I love these photos…

Paragliding Photographer Captures Stunning Landscape Images From High in the AirLori Dorn
Polish photographer Kacper Kowalski has found a truly unique way to combine his talent with his self-described “addiction” for paragliding by shooting stunning local landscape photos taken on his way down from very high up in the air.

Humor Police…
Pearls Before Swine – Click image for a larger view.

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