What’s Wrong With This Picture?

Reflections of ChristPhotography by Mark Mabry

“When we are having difficulty conjuring up an appropriate Christmas spirit, we need only picture the God of eternity, too glorious for mortal eyes to look upon and live, enduring that filthy and incredibly humiliating setting. It was His love for us that put Him in that manger, though He despised the shame of it. Could He say ‘I love you’ any clearer?

Is there something truly wrong with this picture? If I didn’t understand the love of God, I would be forced to laugh out loud. But instead I begin to sense a profound wisdom in this act. For as I picture Him lying in a manger I suddenly see something I’d never have understood otherwise.

If the infinite and perfect God had arrived in the company of thousands of angels, too glorious to look upon…He would still have been humbling himself, but I wouldn’t have understood it. I would never have gotten the idea that God was willing to intentionally demean His perfect glory to save someone like me.”

Dan Schaeffer

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