Monday Picks ~ 12-19-2016

This is some stuff I found helpful, challenging, interesting, or amusing today that I think may enrich your day as well...

This is pretty much where my family lands…

Putting Christmas Back in ChristHannah Ploegstra
The Bible never once suggests that the birth of Christ ought to be celebrated; the early custom of birthday celebration was so rooted in magic, astrology, and pagan idol worship that Jews and early Christians would have had nothing to do with birthdays. That said, if someone wants to sing ‘Happy Birthday’ to Jesus on December 25, I think Jesus gets it. The nations have come to him and they’ve brought him some of their quirky customs; the nations are worshipping him in ways that make sense to them.

Sometimes I need this encouraging reminder…

5 Reasons To Read The Bible When You Feel Absolutely NothingStephen Altrogge God’s word is usually like planting seeds. I won’t see the fruit of it immediately, but eventually, that fruit will come forth. If you ever wonder why a particular Christian is so mature, it’s because they’ve spent many hours planting seeds in the soil of their heart.

Growth is slow. Fruit is slow. But it will happen.

You’ve Reached the BeginningSeth Godin
Image result for seth godinI was paging through a photo set that someone sent along and when I hit the left button one too many times, the screen popped up and said, “you’ve reached the beginning.”

I guess that’s right here.

And right now.


If you didn’t see this segment 60 Minutes last night you can watch it here, and I highly recommend that you do. These men are amazing. They are a powerful reminder that hate cannot ever win…

The White Helmets60 Minutes
“If there is meaning to the word courage,” said a Syrian journalist, “it is represented by the Civil Defense.” Also known as the White Helmets, the trained force of 3,000 rescue workers offer Syrian civilians their only hope. Scott Pelley reports.

Another way of putting things into perspective. This kind of stuff fascinates me…

While you’re there, make sure you click on the little “Speed of Light” icon in the bottom right of your screen.

If the Moon Were Only One Pixel

The model only goes to the edge of our own solar system then ends with these words:

Might as well stop now. We’ll need to scroll through 6,771 more maps like this before we see anything else.

Can you relate?

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