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This may not seem like a romantic Valentine’s post, but this is love…

The 5 Weightiest Words of LoveTrevin Wax
LightstockWith all the glitz and glamour surrounding a couple’s special day, it’s easy to focus on the decorations and dresses, while overlooking the most valuable moment of the day—the costliest words spoken between a husband and wife.

“Till death do we part.”

We’re so familiar with the phrase that we forget how strange it sounds. What the man and woman are saying is: One of us will stand at the grave of the other. In other words: I’m with you until your last breath or you’re with me until mine, whichever comes first.

In the middle of this picturesque celebration of two becoming one, death suddenly crowds into the frame. Rightly understood, marriage is about both life and death. The wedding day is inextricably tied to the funeral service…

The weightiest words of love—the vow unto death—strike against the idea that we can “offer ourselves without the peril of committing ourselves.” The true offering of oneself is exclusive, and this is what makes marriage so costly, so adventurous, so glorious and hard.

Yes, there are temporary thrills for those who try to have love without commitment, but “there is one thrill that is known only to the soldier who fights for his own flag, to the aesthetic who starves himself for his own illumination, to the lover who makes finally his own choice. And it is this transfiguring self-discipline that makes the vow a truly sane thing.”

Does your church spread “fake news” about itself?

#FakeNews Your Guest Services Team is Spreading
Danny Franks
News ends up as fake news if there’s no substance to it. If there aren’t facts to back it up…if reality doesn’t match the representation…if our talk doesn’t match our actions…it is, ultimately, fake news.

So what are the #fakenews topics that we might be guilty of spreading as a guest services team? Here are a few…


Hawaii’s ‘Lava Fire Hose’ Is Back at It AgainCara Giaimo

The 61g lava flow, which has earned the nickname “the fire hose,” is pouring out of Hawaii’s Kilauea Volcano. This volcano, which last erupted 34 years ago, is constantly sending leftover lava through tubes and into the ocean. But it’s rare that a dispensary is as visible, and as long-lasting, as this guy…

Us vs. Them
Wrong Hands

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