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I Wish Christians Would Argue MoreTrevin Wax
LightstockNo, I’m not being sarcastic or saying this with an eye roll. I mean it.

I want Christians to argue more and fight less. To take it a step further, I’d even say that fighting less depends on our willingness to argue more and better…

Instead, we see quarreling…where people are personally offended that someone else has a different opinion, so they dig in in order to defend the point of view they already accept.

Why does this happen? For three reasons…

The church is jazz…

The Art of CommunityManuel Luz
Version 3There’s nothing like jamming in a jazz trio. Especially when the players are good and the band plays tight. There is an immediacy of every moment of every song.  Every groove percolates. Every solo is an adventure.  Every song is a work of art.

…the jazz trio is a metaphor for Biblical community. In true Biblical community, there are all of these components—selflessness, dialogue, grace, mutual submission, synergy, improvisation, and shared passion. It is necessary—even commanded—in order to play the music that is the healthy, functional Church. The Church, the Bride of Christ, is intended to birth the music that cares for the lost, loves the world, makes disciples, and worships the Living God. It is an improvised symphony, alive and breathing, bathed in the mystery and wonder of our shared journey with Him.


Tim Keller Stepping Down as Redeemer Senior Pastor
Kate Shellnutt this year, Redeemer Presbyterian will no longer be a multisite megachurch in Manhattan, and Tim Keller will no longer be its senior pastor.

Keller, 66, announced at all eight Sunday services today that he will be stepping down from the pulpit. The move corresponds with a decades-long plan to transition the single Presbyterian Church in America congregation—which has grown to 5,000 members since it began 28 years ago—into three particular churches.

His last day as senior pastor will be July 1.

I was saddened recently to witness two mutual friends break up on Facebook. One shared an introspective post concerning his fear as a man with dark skin in today’s cultural climate. Instead of caring and trying to understand, the other unfriended him because of the “negativity” in his newsfeed. What has happened to us?

Curiosity, Crossing Cultures, and Breaking Down BarriersBarnabas Piper is equally the most comfortable place to be and the most awful. By no choice of my own, I was born into and with little enough effort I have achieved a place where I can spend every day thinking nothing of how others live, think, survive, and navigate culture. They navigate around me, not me around them. It is a place of passive superiority that soaks deep into the soul. How easy. How terrible.

This is not what God intended…

Curiosity is the bridge between neighbors of different races because it is built on genuine interest and honest questions. It seeks to know the other person with no agenda or ulterior motive. Curiosity allows us to humbly admit ignorance of another’s way of life, perspective, or experiences and then humbly listen when they share. Curiosity assumes the veracity and validity of another’s pain or joy even if it doesn’t understand precisely because it doesn’t understand.

Almost too accurate to be funny…
Dilbert – Click image for a larger view.

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