Monday Picks ~ 3-27-2017

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Urgent Church: Nine Changes We Must Make Or Die
Thom Rainer
I know. We don’t compromise doctrine. I know. We must never say we will change God’s Word.

But many of our congregations must change. They must change or they will die.

I call these churches “the urgent church.” Time is of the essence. If changes do not happen soon, very soon, these churches will die. The pace of congregational death is accelerating.

What, then, are some of the key changes churches must make? Allow me to give you a fair warning. None of them are easy. Indeed, they are only possible in God’s power. Here are nine of them…

Peter’s Message to Politically Panicked Christians: Talk About Something ElseTrevin Wax
Peter’s Message to Politically Panicked Christians: Talk About Something ElsePeter doesn’t say, “The war is on! Defend yourselves from the world!”

Instead he says, “Abstain from the desires of the flesh that are waging war on your soul.” In other words, “I’m less concerned about what unbelievers will do to your body than I am what sin will do to your soul.” To update that message for panicked Christians in the 21st century: “I’m less concerned about what the government may do with your church’s tax-exempt status than what compromise and complacency will do to your congregation.”

Redefining IntimacyEd Shaw
evening-walk-1959986_1280The world in which we live cannot cope with intimate relationships that aren’t sexual—it makes no sense; it’s just not possible. So I’ve had to pull back from deepening friendships with both men and women out of fear that they are being seen as inappropriate. None of them were—but the supposed impossibility of non-sexual intimacy meant we felt under pressure to close them down. That’s been very hard at times.

Phonetically Defined…
Wrong Hands

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