Tuesday Picks ~ 4-18-2017

This is some stuff I found helpful, challenging, interesting, or amusing today that I think may enrich your day as well...

A brief review of a book I’ve been wanting to read…

Between Heaven and the Real WorldDarryl Dash
170418I would have read this book simply for its entertainment value, but it did more than entertain. It gave hope. It pointed to the beauty of the gospel in the middle of difficulty and tragedy. It’s a book that shows the beauty of a life that’s been touched by the grace of Jesus.

I haven’t seen Chapman perform in almost 17 years. But now I’ve seen something more valuable than a concert. I’ve seen, through this book, his life, and that life has shown me Jesus. And for that I’m grateful.

We can rest in the finished work of Christ, but we can’t coast…

The Coasting ChristianAaron Earls
bike work Christianity coastChristianity is a daily faith. It is built on choices each day that become habits and disciplines. It must be lived out, not simply remembered.

Our faith is an outworking of our relationship with Jesus. Coasting only becomes an option in our minds when we forget we are trying to draw closer to a person.

One day, we will feel the fresh breeze on our face as Christ declares over us, “Well done, my good and faithful servant.”

Then everything around us will be drawing us toward Him. Gravity will be working in our favor. Our coasting will only take us deeper with Him.

Until then, however, we cannot coast. No matter how far you’ve come or what you’ve previously accomplished, you cannot take your feet off the pedals.

Yes, there are many good things about it…

What We Gained When We Lost the HymnalTim Challies
A few weeks ago I wrote an article titled What We Lost When We Lost Our Hymnals… I meant to point out that there are consequences in shifting from one medium to another—in this case, shifting from hymnals to… projection. It is true of every new technology that it brings benefits and drawbacks. Neither hymnals nor PowerPoint are exempt from the rule.

Where that article focused on what we lost when we shifted from hymnals to projection, today I want to focus on what we gained. When our churches turned away from hymnals to instead sing lyrics projected on a screen, here is some of what we gained…

Living Easter every day…

Do You Really Know This Story?Melissa Edgington
So, here is the challenge in the days after Easter… Are we living, on the Tuesday after the resurrection, as if we really know this story? Are we… content to settle into the joy and the hope of it, the sheer love of a Savior who says that no casket can hold us? That it can’t hold our dearest ones? Are we trusting in the God of Easter morning to handle whatever is coming?

We must live this short, troubled life with a resurrection mentality. With a soul that never stops smiling over Easter morning. With a mind that remembers that the risen Savior proves that death and sin have no power here. With a faith that can stand at the foot of an open grave, knowing this is not the end, not even close. I know this story, we will whisper with a smile, and we will lean on our risen Savior. He is alive forever, and so are we.

The unseen damage of cat videos…

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