Thursday Picks ~ 4-20-2017

This is some stuff I found helpful, challenging, interesting, or amusing today that I think may enrich your day as well...

Christian, You Don’t Have to Qualify Your Prayers
Michael Kelley
“…there’s something in me that tells me that this is not the kind of bold approach to the throne of grace that Jesus died for. This is not the intimate kind of communication that Jesus told me to cultivate by starting my prayer with, “Our Father…”

It’s respectful, sure – but it sounds a bit like one who is not sure of the character of the person he’s talking to.

So what is the alternative? Perhaps another way to pray is through exercising faith before, during, and after we pray…”

I appreciate this article a lot…

How I Found My Place (And My People) at a Megachurch
Sarah Short
I used to wonder why people would attend a megachurch.

I mean, THOUSANDS on THOUSANDS of people streaming into a building on any given weekend? Is that ANYONE’S idea of a good time? I actually wondered what people were thinking in CHOOSING a church so large as their place of worship when they could attend a smaller church down the street with easy parking, good ol’ fashioned potlucks, and a small community of people who all know each other…

Well, here’s how it went down for us: My family moved into the area and went searching for a church where the gospel was preached EVERY week and the people loved Jesus and had hearts for the lost people he came to save – not just each other. And, when we found that in a church TWENTY times the size of what we might’ve considered ideal, we stayed.

We’ve been at our church, a church of over 10,000 people, for six years. We have grown in our relationship with Jesus and in our passion to love people well in ways we never could’ve imagined. And as I sat down to think about WHY we’ve stayed and WHAT we love about our church, I wanted to share with you how we found our place and our people here…

Important for church leaders to remember…

The Hottest Thing at Church Is Not Your Pastor or Worship LeaderKate Shellnutt
The Hottest Thing at Church Is Not Your Pastor or Worship LeaderDespite a new wave of contemporary church buzzwords like relational, relevant, and intentional, people who show up on Sundays are looking for the same thing that has long anchored most services: preaching centered on the Bible.

“Sermons that teach about Scripture” are the No. 1 reason Americans go to church, according to a new Gallup poll

A practical application of new technology…
Off the Mark

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