How do you read the Bible? do you read the Bible?

Are you following a plan to read the whole thing in one year? That’s a real commitment and I applaud you for it. This kind of reading can be valuable in helping you see the overarching flow of scripture.

Do you follow a devotional guide of some kind, where someone chooses a few verses and applies it to your daily life? This, too, has merit. This is probably especially valuable if you are new to reading the Bible. Having someone guide you to certain passages and then asking you to think about them and what they mean can be very helpful.

Or maybe you dig deep into the text. You study it. You read commentaries to learn the historical context, search the original languages to pull out every nuance of every word. This is valuable and will help you really know the scriptures.

I don’t know, maybe you never open the book. Maybe you read it at church, off the screen, and that’s about it. I suppose that’s better than nothing.

There are many different ways to approach the Bible, and almost all have something to offer.

Sometimes, though, I’m afraid we forget one important thing about the Bible. There is something that makes it truly unique. It really is different from any other book you will ever read.

It is not primarily a history book, although it contains some important historical information.

It is not primarily a science book, although it tells us of a reasonable world where scientific inquiry is possible.

It’s not primarily a book of comfort, advice and wisdom, although men and women throughout the ages have found and continue to find all three within its pages.

What it is, is God’s story. You read it to get to know God. I don’t mean to get to know things about Him. You read it to get to know Him. He is a person who desires a relationship with you.

You read it to hear God speak.

“…the word of God is living and active, sharper than any two-edged sword, piercing to the division of soul and of spirit, of joints and of marrow, and discerning the thoughts and intentions of the heart.” –Hebrews 4:12

Because he is God, and not just some guy, he has authority. He’s not just teaching you information you need to know. What he says to you is intended to change you. To challenge you. To mold you.

You don’t come to his word just to learn facts. You come to submit to his lordship.

This is the idea behind “God Questions.”

I invite you to join me in my daily (Monday through Friday) readings. I’ve recently taken a couple months away from the blog but I’ve been doing these for a couple years now, and I plan to start posting them again on Monday, October 2. I’d love it if you would then post what God is asking you in the comments. If you’re more of a night person, I actually post here on the blog the night before and share them on social media early the next morning.

Whatever works.




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