Run Harder

“There’s one thing you can do: Keep. Showing. Up.

Approach the throne of grace every day. Multiple times a day.

Show up in the presence of God. Keep coming closer.

Run harder.

You don’t have to possess the right words. God can handle your silence.

You don’t have to understand. God can handle your confusion.

You don’t have to repress your messy emotions. God wants it all.

The enemy’s goal is for you to withdrawal from His presence.
To believe the lie that He’s forsaken you.

He wants you. He loves you.

He doesn’t just love the perfect you,
or “the-proper-way-to-respond-to-this-situation” you.

Just come.

He wants to weep with you, enjoy you, identify with you,
and be with you.

He has not forgotten you. He has not abandoned you…

When circumstances scream otherwise,
believe the truth, beautiful child of God.

Believe, believe, believe that He is for you.”

David Santistevan

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