Monday Picks ~ 11-13-2017

This is some stuff I found helpful, challenging, interesting, or amusing today that I think may enrich your day as well...

Make sure you watch the short video at the top of the article. Powerful…

Sutherland Springs Church the Week AfterJohn Moritz
Holding a Bible inside a giant tent where about 1,000 people of a variety of faiths came to show support, [Pastor] Pomeroy said no doubt has crept into his mind that in the end, human goodness will triumph.

“I know this,” he said, holding the Bible high with his left hand, “because I’ve read to the end of the book.”

Every worship leader’s (and other staffers’) dilemma…

How To Influence Culture & Lead [When You’re Not In Charge]David Santistevan
It’s true. You might be in a less-than-stellar environment. And you have a choice to either leave or to make it better. Because here’s the deal: you don’t have an option to hang on, gossip, check-out, disagree, not speak up, and coast through your job. That kind of life isn’t good for you, your team, or the people you lead.

Either LOVE your work or find something else to do.

Think about it. The grass is always greener somewhere else, but what if you approached where you were with total focus and “all in” attention? What would change?

I’ve had the privilege of being part of an incredible team. But I’ve had my fair share of temptation to just coast and show up for the job, not investing my best self.

That might be where you are right now. You might be looking for a new role. You might be praying for a change.

If you find yourself in a difficult situation, try this before You leave…

Meanwhile, in Hollywood…

‘Fear is everywhere’: a quiet paranoia haunts post-Weinstein HollywoodRory Carroll
Awards season is likely to be fraught as Hollywood comes to terms with a toxic culture. ‘Questions on the red carpet will not be who you’re wearing, but what you knew and when.’From afar it may seem Hollywood rings with denunciations. In reality, there is a hush…

“It’s fear – fear is everywhere.” It was fear of damaging your career – “if you want to survive in Hollywood you don’t want to be known as a troublemaker” – and fear of offending the internet outrage machine, said Asi. “Famous people have to measure every word. You can’t predict how the public or social media may react. Silence is the best protection, your best shield.”

There is fear even of acknowledging the fear. Several industry figures compared the climate to a witch-hunt, another called it Robespierre-style terror, but they declined to be named lest they be seen as insufficiently sympathetic to victims.

Odd Jobs…

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