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Things I found interesting today.

Tuesday Morning Picks

How Should Christians Think About Socialism? – John PiperHow Should Christians Think About Socialism?

I like John Piper’s answer this question.

“Well, I suppose I should put all of my misgivings up front to say I am not an expert in political science or economics. So take it for what it’s worth. Here we go…”

Six Marks of a Healthy Sexuality – Gary Thomas6 Marks of a Healthy Sexuality Final“Seeking a healthy sexual relationship is a fair and good and wise and holy pursuit. These six marks aren’t exhaustive; I’m sure there are many more, but here’s a short, non-scientific test to see how you and your spouse are doing in regards to sexual intimacy…”

The Post-Modern Church Leadership Checklist – Carey Nieuwhofchurch leader's survival checklist

“In some ways, it’s like leading into a head-wind rather having the tail wind your predecessors may have enjoyed. As a result, seeing results might take longer. Leadership is probably going to be harder. It’s certainly going to be more complex. But it definitely will be worth it, and the potential for impact is huge. With that in mind, here are 10 things church leaders need to thrive in our post-modern, post-Christian context…”

And, last but not least,
Lucrative Films presents:



Monday Morning Picks

Putting the Mini in Ministry
I really appreciated this article reminding us of “Small things we can all do to make a big difference in our churches.” Basic stuff that we sometimes forget.

It’s Ok to Be the “Away Team”
11_Tune_ICOM_JN“The church is now the visiting team in our culture. The crowd is not cheering for us. Any measure of “home-field advantage” the church may have once enjoyed has vanished. A new game plan is needed.”

The power of fear – by Seth Godin

Fear will push you to avert your eyes.

Fear will make you think you have nothing to say.

It will create a buzz that makes it impossible to meditate…

or it will create a fog that makes it so you can do nothing but meditate.

Fear seduces us into losing our temper…

and fear belittles us into accepting unfairness.

Fear doesn’t like strangers, people who don’t look or act like us, and most of all, the unknown.

It causes us to carelessly make typos, or obsessively look for them.

Fear pushes us to fit in, so we won’t be noticed, but it also pushes us to rebel and to not be trustworthy, so we won’t be on the hook to produce.

It is subtle enough to trick us into thinking it isn’t pulling the strings, that it doesn’t exist, that it’s not the cause of, “I don’t feel like it.”

When in doubt, look for the fear.


Saturday’s Picks

Notecard Answers for Why I Believe the Bible
“As Christians we are to always be ready to give a defense of the hope that is within us (1 Pet. 3:15). The basis of this hope is our confidence that the Bible is God’s Word. It is trustworthy and sufficient…I’ve put these 5 together as something of a quick reference notecard for why I believe the Bible. I’m sure there is an acronym or something clever but I’ve not thought of it.”

Boredom Is Not a Problem to Be Solved
Stunning Teenage Girl in the Woods“You know the best antidote to boredom, I asked them? They looked at me expectantly, smartphones dangling from their hands. Think, I told them. Thinking is the best antidote to boredom. I am not kidding, kids. Thinking is the best antidote to boredom. Tell yourself, I am bored. Think about that. Isn’t that interesting?”

What if moms talked to each other the way they talk to their kids?
Very Funny!

Today’s Picks

Just some stuff I found helpful, challenging, interesting, or amusing…

From Marty Duren:
11 Things NOT to Get Your Pastor for Pastor Appreciation Month

“Almost every pastor will express gratitude for almost any gift, unless, perhaps, it’s an industrial size canister of Hai Karate aftershave. So, in the vein of “How to be a Blessing not a Curse,” here’s a list of 11 things NOT to get your pastor to make Pastor Appreciation month that much more enjoyable…”

From Michael Kelly:
When Joy and Sorrow Erupt in the Same Refrain

“We live in the dual realities of what God has done and what He’s going to do; of the joy of salvation and the longing for redemption; of what is and what will be. And though we might not be aware of both of these realities in our daily experience, they’re there. Living together in our hearts, as the people of the already but not yet. Every once in a while, though, joy and sorrow erupt in the same refrain, just as they did in the days of Ezra.”

From David Santistevan:
7 Traits of a Trustworthy Worship Leader

“Worship leading is all about trust. Think about it. Worship is one of the most vulnerable acts in the universe…Worship cuts right to the heart. If the people you are leading don’t trust you…it doesn’t matter how talented you are. It doesn’t matter how amazing your band is. It doesn’t matter how strong your setlist is. They’re not going to follow…”

From Carey Nieuwhof:
How to Lead When You’re Over Your Head

Carey, as always, offers a ton of insightful and practical leadership advice.

Flipping Out

This longish article is perhaps the most entertaining thing you will read today. I admit that I have some regrets in life. The biggest, at this point, is that I didn’t watch game 5 of the ALDS between Texas and Toronto. But really, why would I watch? Because, as a close friend has said, “you never know when you’re going to see something you’ve never seen before.”