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My Picks for Wednesday 12-2-2015

Just some stuff I found helpful, challenging, interesting, or amusing…

This piece on Advent was written last year, but we’re still waiting…

This Is Not How It Should Be -Graham Gladstone
Advent“Advent is not a religious countdown towards Christmas. Advent is not four weeks of ‘mini-Christmas.’ Advent is not a cloistered huddle disconnected from the real world.

Advent is the Church’s way of saying ‘this is not how it should be.’

Racial inequality, domestic violence, abusive authority – this is not how it should be.

Advent is the Church’s way of lifting the veil of the status quo and saying ‘this way of life, struggling to make your own way, regardless of the cost’ is insufficient.

Advent is the Church’s way of saying ‘there is a Kingdom coming, one of righteousness and justice, where fairness and equity are everywhere.’

Advent is the Church’s way of saying ‘this will happen – Jesus will come again – and His coming again means endless peace and incorruptible justice.’”

Is Pro-Life Rhetoric Deadly? -Russell Moore
rsz_90382198_e68854aff2_b“Pro-life rhetoric is in the news right now, since a deranged man went on a shooting spree inside a Colorado Springs Planned Parenthood clinic. Some on the Left would impute this killer’s actions to the rhetoric of pro-life organizations, especially about the horrifying revelations about Planned Parenthood that have come out over the past year. This is a wrongheaded and deceptive tactic, but it just might spur us to think about just what our speech should be as we think about abortion.”

Pressure at work?
Source: Wrong Hands

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