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Weekend Picks ~ 11-10-2017

This is some stuff I found helpful, challenging, interesting, or amusing today that I think may enrich your day as well...

Our Response to Sexual Abuse Should Not Be a Partisan Sport Rebecca Florence Miller
http://wp.production.patheos.com/blogs/rebeccaflorencemiller/files/2017/11/27581043690_baf3d9fc9e.jpg…you know what really gets me angry? The tribalism in relation to sexual abuse. If the person who is guilty is a member of our own tribe, our culture goes after the accusers and seeks to discredit them. Accusers are treated like kooks and put on trial themselves. If someone from the other tribe did it, they are monsters. If someone from my tribe did it, they get a pass (thanks for nothing, Gloria Steinem) or it’s fake news…

I’ve had it. Do not tell me “but Hillary” or “but his policies were so great.” Stop it. Tell the truth.

No, Christians Don’t Use Joseph and Mary to Explain Child Molesting AccusationsEd Stetzer
No, Christians Don't Use Joseph and Mary to Explain Child Molesting AccusationsI’m not a supporter of Moore. I don’t follow Alabama politics, and he seems a bit of a sideshow to the current (much bigger) issues we face. But, let’s be clear about one thing—his defenders are not helping at all.

In defending Moore, his supporters have now become the news, and as they do so, some are stunningly appealing to religious reasons…

after I got over my initial shock of this statement, I admittedly got angry.

If this is evangelicalism, I’m on the wrong team.

But, it is not.

Christians don’t use Joseph and Mary to explain child molesting accusations…

So, let’s be clear. No. Normal. Evangelical. Believes. This. About. The. Bible.

Even as I write this, I confess that anger might even be too light of a word for how I feel right now. Eric Marrapodi of NBC news called my comments “hot fire.”

So be it.

As Christians, this should provoke anger.

We should be angered first, that politicians think they can lie to us so easily by appealing to biblical language and characters. Second, that we so easily fall for such tactics.

For the past decade, evangelicals have been easy marks, and I hope that people won’t fall for these things…

And, to all you reporters out there, THIS IS NOT WHAT EVANGELICALS BELIEVE.

The Sequel to Chariots of Fire: A New Film Starring Joseph Fiennes Tells the Rest of Eric Liddell’s StoryJustin Taylor
https://images-na.ssl-images-amazon.com/images/M/MV5BYjAzZTljYTQtOGM3Yy00NWIxLTllODItYzY1MDM3NzFhZTQzXkEyXkFqcGdeQXVyMTg5MzcwNw@@._V1_UY1200_CR80,0,630,1200_AL_.jpgMost people don’t know that Liddell, who was born in China to Scottish missionaries serving with the London Missionary Society, returned to China in 1925 at the age of 23. He died at the age of 43 in a Japanese civilian internment camp in 1945.

In a new film, On Wings of Eagles—which apparently releases today—Joseph Fiennes plays Liddell, portraying the second half of his life.

Winning a Yoga RaceSeth Godin
Image result for seth godin
Winning a yoga race.

It makes no sense, of course.

The question this prompts is: Are there places you feel like you’re falling behind where there’s actually no race?

Follow this link if you need to smile today…

The Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards 2017

Doughboys, Flying Tigers and Coming Home – an Armistice Day postTim Fall
World War One memorial in Pennsylvania (Wikimedia)My grandfather was a World War One doughboy. Of course it wasn’t called World War One back then. In fact, some thought it would be “The War to End All Wars“. I don’t know if my grandfather felt that way, but he fought in the trenches and suffered mustard gas poisoning just like you read about in books and see in the movies….

A generation later, my father fought in World War Two. The U.S. entered the war less than a week before he turned 18….

Not everyone who goes to war comes home. I am grateful for those who have served and continue to serve.

And I am grateful for our God who promises to put an end to war.

Staying connected…
Pearls Before Swine – Click image for a larger view.

Thursday Picks ~ 11-9-2007

This is some stuff I found helpful, challenging, interesting, or amusing today that I think may enrich your day as well...

When Everything Is MissionsKevin DeYoung
https://johnbotkin.files.wordpress.com/2012/06/worldmap.png…we are not all missionaries and not everything is missions, and if we don’t get these definitions correct we will not be effective in carrying out the mission Christ gave to the Church.

…the old slogan “every member a missionary” is not really accurate. We are all called to be witnesses and disciple makers, but the Latin word missio, like the Greek word apostelein, refers to sending or being sent. A missionary… means (a) sent (b) across a boundary to where the gospel is not known, (c) to see a church planted that (d) can reach that region with the gospel once the missionary leaves. When everything is missions and everyone is a missionary, this task is obscured or forgotten…

Should churches support Christian schools at home and college ministry on secular campuses in the United States? Should we work to have excellent and engaging youth and children’s ministries? Should we be concerned by poverty and homelessness and clean water? Yes, yes, and yes. But … if we think all of this is missions we will end up neglecting the very task laid out for us in the Great Commission. When everything is missions, missions gets left behind.


The Age of Consent in the Age of Exposure
Stephen McAlpine
171030-kevin-spacey-one-time-use-mn-1105_3ca02a0124fbd8ec428b62fd34b24235-focal-760x380Now? Sexual liberty finds itself in a bind.  At the very time sexuality is dominating the culture at an even more rapid rate than before, and in an age when you are defined by your sexuality, the small matter of consent is rearing its head.  And there is much confusion…

The iWorld embraces three taboos that serve to limit individual freedom if it affects another person’s individual freedom:

  1. One may not criticise someone else’s life choices or behaviour.
  2. One may not behave in a manner that coerces or causes harm to others.
  3. One may not engage in a sexual relationship with someone without his or her consent.

…The fact is, taboos two and three are not merely modern inventions, they are woven into the fabric of the world that God has put together and which he has revealed in Scripture. They were commands of God long before they were secular taboos. Modern culture just assumed it was smarter than God by attempting to isolate these two taboos from all of the other commands about sex that have been broken with gay and straight abandon down the centuries. And the result is a mess…

Harvey and Kevin’s real concern is that Hollywood has no confessional, no altar, no service of reconciliation. Hollywood creates movies that extol forgiveness, redemption and restoration, but all they’re doing is piggy-backing on the biblical story while stripping it of transcendence. The awful reality is much different…

An excellent tribute to an excellent player…

Halladay Was Everybody’s HeroJoe Posnanski
Halladay was everybody's heroRoy Halladay simplified pitching. This was at the heart of his baseball greatness. He took this big, sprawling, complicated thing, this intricate art form weighed down by so many details — by pitches, counts, batting styles, scouting reports and arm slots and fluctuating strike zones and high-leverage situations and low-leverage situations — and he boiled it down to its essence.

Halladay refused to complicate things, and so he made it all look so easy. It wasn’t easy…

Halladay was the most admired pitcher of his day. Everyone knew how hard he worked. Everyone respected the way he went about his business. Everyone watched in wonder how Halladay made pitching simple. And most of all, everyone longed to have just a little bit of his poise, just a little bit of his class, just a little bit of his sense of self.

Roy Halladay achieved the hardest thing a great athlete can achieve. He was everybody’s hero.

“Then I think to myself, what a wonderful world…”

The World’s Tiniest Wonders, Revealed Through PhotomicrographyAnika Burgess
Nsutite and cacoxenite minerals (Image of Distinction). Since 1975, Nikon’s Small World Photomicrography Competition has attracted photographers and scientists interested in showcasing miniscule wonders. This year’s winning entries, drawn from the work of more than 2,000 participants in 88 countries, reveal that the very, very tiny can still have a startlingly large visual impact.

An infamous day in musical history…

Monday Picks ~ 2-6-2017

This is some stuff I found helpful, challenging, interesting, or amusing today that I think may enrich your day as well...

Make More Bricks!Ben Eames
PictureHe gave them a purpose and identity, and a whole bunch of guidelines for living. One of the most important was Sabbath. “Work well for your family, community and nation,” God said, “But set aside one day every week for NOT working. You are not slaves anymore. I set you free. No more endlessly making bricks. You are people, not animals. Actually on that note, give your animals a day off too. They’re not slaves either.”

What about you? Are you a slave or a person?…

Work is good, but constant work is dehumanizing. Regular rest puts work in its proper place and breathes life back in to us…

So step out and leave Egypt behind. Remember, you’re a person. You’re free.

Keep Your Eye On the BallErik Raymond
…many of these issues that are taking up so much oxygen are not topics that all Christians agree upon. This means that we might have real differences on issues that are not central. In other words, you and I might agree about the gospel but disagree about political decisions and current events. But when we take our eye of the ball, the current events get elevated above the gospel, and cause division among good gospel-loving people. Brothers and sisters, this should never be.

Numbers 3 and 4 always rub me the wrong way…

7 Lies Most Pastors TellCarey Nieuwhoflies

  1. It was awesome!

…if you make it a pattern to say things were awesome when they weren’t, people know.

  1. It was awful!

…other times I can write something off as terrible, when the truth is it had redeeming characteristics I’ve missed.

I have to discipline myself to call it what it really is.

Things are rarely as awesome or terrible as you tell yourself they are.

Breathtaking photos and a fascinating experience…

A Gathering of GiantsTony Wu
http://cdn.c.photoshelter.com/img-get2/I0000o7JO40ktCWs/fit=1000x750/superpod-aggregation-sperm-whales-defecation-sloughed-skin-201402-1230.jpgSperm whales are mammals and live in almost every major ocean, including tropical and temperate waters. They breathe air and are warm-blooded. Yet they spend the majority of their lives in deep, dark, cold water foraging for food, often diving to depths of 800 meters or more in the process. It helps to think of them not as air-breathing animals that dive, but as creatures of the deep that occasionally visit the surface to breathe. In other words, the opposite of how humans relate to the ocean.

The real reason the circus went out of business
Bizarro – Click image for a larger view.

Thursday Picks ~ 12-8-2016


This is some stuff I found helpful, challenging, interesting, or amusing today that I think may enrich your day as well...

This is a great follow-up to today’s God Questions scripture reading…

How God Became a Man: What Jesus Did for Thirty Years
David Mathis
Given the influence and impact of his life, humanly speaking, we might find it surprising that so little about his childhood, adolescence, and early adulthood is available — especially with the interest his followers, who worshiped him as God, took in his life. That is, unless, divinely speaking, this is precisely how God would have it…

The lion’s share of Jesus’s earthly life powerfully dignifies the everyday pains of maturity and growth common to humanity.

I always find this kind of stuff fascinating. There are some amazing photos here…

The Most Influential Images of All Time
Image result for 100 Photographs | The Most Influential Images of All TimeThere is no formula that makes a picture influential. Some images are on our list because they were the first of their kind, others because they shaped the way we think. And some made the cut because they directly changed the way we live. What all 100 share is that they are turning points in our human experience.

I absolutely HATE that we have to think about stuff like this, but we must…

Parents: It’s Time to Wake Up About Pornography, Sexting, and Your ChildrenRandy Alcorn
…I told parents that if they’re going to let their children have unrestricted Internet access in the privacy of their own rooms, through computers, tablets, phones, or any other device they might as well buy thousands of pornographic magazines and stack them in their children’s closets and say, “Don’t ever look at those.” It amounts to the same thing…

I’m a grandparent to five boys, the oldest of them 12. Like many of you, I find this information, and the related statistics, chilling. (And remember, it’s not just boys who are looking at pornography; young girls are too. Nor are girls the only ones participating in sending inappropriate pictures.) The reality is, if you have children in grade school and older, even if they themselves aren’t exposed to or involved in these practices, some of their classmates certainly are, and as the years go on, more will be.

So what can concerned parents do? …

She also shares a lot of good reading recommendations to help one “side” consider the other…

We Cannot Complain About America if We Do Not Listen to OthersLore Ferguson Wilbert
Screen Shot 2016-11-17 at 9.32.41 AMIt’s not as simple or cut and dried as the one-issue voters and die-hard Democrats want it to be, but none of us will grasp that if we continue to crave both “safe spaces” and “honest dialogue.” The two are at complete odds with one another; there is safety in numbers, but not if all the numbers look, think, and act just like you.

If you turn away from those who don’t think like you, you simply cannot complain about the state of politics in American today, you do not have the right to choose an America that only works for you or people just like you. Chance offense or hurt, your own or others, but actually listen to someone with intent to hear them…

I think you’ll be glad you took four minutes to watch this…
He Came Down

“Welcome to all of you, please take a seat,
We want to now share a nativity treat.”

Rudolph’s “Operation”…
Off the Mark

Thursday Picks ~ 11-10-2016

Picks Thursday

This is some stuff I found helpful, challenging, interesting, or amusing today that I think may enrich your day as well...

A Day’s HaikuTim Fall

Generosity Isn’t Just About MoneyMatt Rogers
http://theblazingcenter.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/11/pexels-photo-1700x1275.jpgI used to think of generosity primarily in terms of money. I was generous when I saw a need around me and provided the resources to help. Or, I might see generosity as a gift of time—I was generous when I gave time to meet a need. But, I’m not sure this is the full extent of the generosity God calls me to. In many ways this level of generosity is reactive in nature—I see a need around me and seek to do something to address it.

Generosity can also be proactive. In Philippians 2, Paul challenges the church to count others as more significant than yourself by not merely look to one’s own interests but also to the interests of others (2:3–4). Looking out for the interests of others extends far beyond giving money or time to someone in need.

It means that I consciously ask myself, “What could I do to promote the interest of someone else?”, “How can I make them better?”, “How can I serve as a conduit of God’s grace?”, “How can I give them an opportunity they might not otherwise have?” These questions demonstrate a truly generous heart.

Planning a vacation to Hopkinsville, Kentucky?
Better book early…

The Tiny Kentucky Town That Eclipse Fans Are Obsessing OverRobbie Clark
A postcard of Hopkinsville, Kentucky, from the 1950s.You could say the stars have aligned for Hopkinsville. Or, more precisely, the Earth, sun and moon will be perfected aligned. Next summer will be the first time a total solar eclipse—when the moon completely blocks out the sun—can be witnessed in the continental United States since 1979. (Viewers could view a total solar eclipse in Hawaii in 1991.) And in a cosmic twist of fate, on August 21, 2017, Hopkinsville will be the star around which the astronomical world orbits. As the moon crosses the United States at about 2,000 miles per hour, casting its shadow from Portland, Oregon, to Charleston, South Carolina, Hopkinsville (population 33,000) has been identified as the “greatest eclipse” location.

Do It AgainJim Tune
The hardest part of life, one preacher said, is that it’s so daily. Every day the bed needs to be made. Breakfast needs to be cooked. Dishes, dusting, work, and sleep demand our attention every single day.

The same with ministry…

We get tired, though. The thousandth time a husband wakes up beside his wife, he may start taking things for granted. The hundredth time a children’s ministry volunteer teaches rambunctious four-year-old boys, she may wonder if it’s worth it.

It is. Do it again.

I love these photos…

Paragliding Photographer Captures Stunning Landscape Images From High in the AirLori Dorn
Polish photographer Kacper Kowalski has found a truly unique way to combine his talent with his self-described “addiction” for paragliding by shooting stunning local landscape photos taken on his way down from very high up in the air.

Humor Police…
Pearls Before Swine – Click image for a larger view.

My Picks for Monday 1-18-2016

Just some stuff I found helpful, challenging, interesting, or amusing…

Timely and challenging…

I Still Have a DreamMichael Kelley
USMC-09611“The church at Ephesus was a racially diverse congregation. Jews and Greeks worshiped alongside each other, and that last point is key. There wasn’t a Jewish worship service at 9 and a Greek service at 10:30, each with different music and different communication styles. Instead, there was one, unified congregation. That’s not to say they didn’t have their troubles; they certainly did. But they were together under one head. That, according to Paul, is the most convincing evidence that the gospel is real:

“But now in Christ Jesus, you who were far away have been brought near by the blood of the Messiah. For He is our peace, who made both groups one and tore down the dividing wall of hostility” (Eph. 2:13-14).

Interesting, right? Not logic. Not personal testimony. In Ephesians, it’s the unity of the church – specifically, the racial unity – that validates the reality of the gospel. Makes you wonder whether our churches are validating the gospel in a similar way.”

As a dad of two amazing daughters, this post filled me with a lot of emotions…

Why Daughters Need Their DadsDr. Meg Meeker
Father and daughter playing
“Your daughter will view this time spent with you vastly differently than you do. Over the years, in erratic bursts and in simple ordinary life, she will absorb your influence. She will watch every move you make. She might not understand why you are happy or angry, affectionate, but you will be the most important man in her life, forever.

When she is twenty-five, she will mentally 
size her boyfriend or husband up against you. When she is thirty-five, the number of children she has will be affected by her life with you. The clothes she wears will reflect something about you. Even when she is seventy-five, how she faces her future will depend on some distant memory of time you spent together. Be it good or painful,
the hours and years you spend with her—or 
don’t spend with her—change who she is.”

What if Jesus told this parable to 21st century Americans?

The Good MuslimPhillip Fletcher
“But the Christian of America, didn’t fully appreciate the answer. He straightened his back. Cast a smirk of a smile and said to Jesus, “And who is my neighbor?”

Jesus replied, “A man was going from Washington D.C. to Philadelphia, and he was car-jacked by several persons, who stole his clothes, seized his smartphone, broke his ribs, cracked his skull, leaving him unconscious on the side of the road.  Now it happened to be the time of a great conference and a pro-life group was passing by, and when they saw the man, they passed on by. Likewise a missionary group who just returned from India, when they came to the exact same location, they too passed on to the other side.

But a Muslim…”

Some awesome photos here…

National Geographic’s Photo of the Day:
Your Favorites from 2015
Mother Of The Forest, Madagascar

Is this sign necessary?

do not enter